RTB Bidder As a Service

Introduce GoBID™ – fast and scalable RTB bidder as a service
Wish to experience the power of the programmatic media buying, but discouraged by the needed technologies stack? Don't worry! We are here to take it upon ourselves and leave you the freedom just to manage your ad campaigns.

Our clients

Use our full stack API to combine our powerful RTB bidding engine with your UI. Get rid of the technical debt and focus on the clients.
Digital Agencies
Connect with the top SSPs with the minimal time and tech expenses to bring the power of programmatic to your digital media mix.
Media Buyers
Serve you JS tags, VAST wrappers, popunders and other digital formats across different ad exchanges using the single UI or our managed service.

What you get

We offer not the black box, but the complex solution which covers all the aspects of the programmatic digital buying
Full-time infrastructure control
Our team monitors the infrastructure 24/7/365 which allows us to meet the 99,9% uptime.
Real-time reporting
While others show you what happened with your ad campaigns several hours ago, we show you the numbers in minutes: collected from all the geo regions and already deduplicated.
Powerful API
As the Ad Tech vendor, we build the API first product, giving you the full control over your settings.
30 days free trial is available.
After that, you can select one of the below options.
You can change it as often as once in a month.
Starts from
  • 1 geo region included
  • Up to 3k QPS
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Starts from
  • 3 geo regions included
  • Up to 10k QPS
  • White label domain
  • New suppliers connection for free*
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Supported SSPs
The bidder supports 20+ top SSPs from the box. No need to spend time and money for each connection - just turn on and start ad serving!


Why buy through the RTB bidder rather than DSP?

  1. There is no middleman between you and the traffic supplier, which means no hidden margin. You always know the exact amount you bid for the impression.
  2. RTB bidder opens the 2nd price auction for you, while DSP works on the 1st price auction only. In the nutshell, it means that you just buy the same traffic cheaper.
  3. The Ad Exchange functionality is available from the box. Resell traffic to your own demand partners instead of just answering "nobid"!
  4. As you have a direct agreement with the supplier - there is no risk to be banned for the 3rd party violation.
  5. Seeing the raw bid request allows you to make any custom targetings based on user's IP address, geo coordinates and much more. You know everything about the traffic you buy.
  6. We also can check the ads.txt information to make sure this supplier/publisher is eligible to sell traffic from the website. No blind or unauthorized traffic!

Want to know more? Read our FAQ!
Still in doubt?
Just contact us with any question you have - and we will be happy to answer!
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